Saturday, 15 October 2011

年终来临了,也是学校老师忙着教舞蹈表演的时候了,所以在这里share了一些舞蹈教学的video,大家click进来dance video看看吧!

End of the year has arrived, and it is the time teachers busy to teach dancing for pupils' performance on Graduation Day, so here share a number of dance instruction videos, you can click 'dance video' to see them!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

English Grammar - Collective Nouns

a herd of elephants
a troop of monkeys
a school of fish
a team of horses
a flock of birds
a swarm of bees
a nest of mice
a litter of kittens
a band of musicians
a crew of sailors
a gang of thieves
a posse of policemen
an army of soldiers
a staff of teachers
a team of players
a troupe of dancers
a bouquet of flowers
a bunch of bananas
a chest of drawers
a fleet of cars
a flight of stairs
a forest of trees
a pack of cards
a string of beads